The World of Coca-Cola Museum

The World of Coca-Cola Museum 2The World of Coca-Cola Museum is a unique museum, located at Atlanta, Georgia, displaying the history of the world’s largest soft drink manufacturing company. The 20-acre complex originally opened for public viewing on May 24, 2020, moving from its original underground location to the new exhibit, located above the Atlanta Convention Center. Built and designed by the PepsiCo Group, the museum features exhibits that showcase the company’s different offerings from the early days to the present, as well as serving as an example of corporate culture throughout history.

The World of Coca Cola Museum highlights the story of how this world-famous company began. Founded in 1886, the company became popular because of its innovative products. These products included gum and sugar, as well as other soft drinks, which made them extremely popular. Their success led to the production of an even greater beverage, namely Coca Cola, which has become the world’s most popular beverage.

The Coca Cola Museum also highlights the company’s rich history through exhibits that tell the story of the history of advertising. Visitors can view items such as old advertisement posters, as well as various bottles that have been used in advertisements over the years. There are also exhibits depicting the early days of the company, including its founding year and the different locations in which it operated. The exhibits provide historical facts and information to all ages, including children and adults. The World of Coke Museum is the only location within the United States, where visitors can actually drink from bottles of the original formula, as well as sample the soft drinks produced at different locations throughout the country.

The World of Coca-Cola Museum features the only Coca Cola production plant, which was once located in Augusta, Georgia. In addition to this, the museum also features a large collection of memorabilia. Visitors can view items from the company’s early days, including early advertisement posters and old labels for their bottles. There are also several exhibits that highlight the different products that have been created since the company began, including energy drinks, energy mixes, and even gum and candy. As well as all of these items, visitors can also visit the Coca Cola vending machine and get samples of their various beverages.

The museum also features a replica of the historic Coca Cola trademark, which is a unique feature. Visitors who want to purchase any of the products displayed in the museum can do so, as long as they have a valid ID.The World of Coca-Cola Museum

There are many things that can be seen at the World of Coke Museum, but there are two things that are not included in the exhibits. These include a copy of the original Coca Cola formula, as well as a copy of the famous ad that began it all. Because of this, it is always best to contact the museum before making an appointment to visit. If you are interested in going to see this unique exhibit, however, the museum is able to provide an online reservation.